Water – Log

Day 1: Had ~2 Litres in one go. We seem to drink when we’re really nervous (like at the wedding) so I drank the oceans out of the establishment. I think I should’ve spaced it out better.

We also are thinking of starting the day with a 500ml cup of green tea.

Day 2: Had ~2 Litres roughly around the day. Hard to keep a track of it. I need to see if the cup is within my budget first before I do anything. I’ve also researched the health benefits/drawbacks of green tea. And it’s important not to have green tea on an empty stomach. The timings for green tea is important:

  1. Do not have it when you just wake up in the morning (due to empty stomach)
  2. Do not have it before you go to sleep as it contains caffeine (ideally 2 hours before you sleep)
  3. Avoid excessive green tea around exercising, because the overdose of anti-oxidants may counter the effects of exercise.
  4. Perhaps 2 hours after a meal is ideal


  • Once in the morning (when metabolism peaks)
  • Once in the evening (when metabolism dips)


As well as green tea because standard water can be a bit dull I need to think of other options of spicing it up to make it realistic to drink multiple liters. This is a great resource to start with: https://smarterfitter.com/32-natural-ways-to-flavor-water/

Techniques such as steeping may be useful to learn. On the other hand, it may be necessary to simply mentally chug it down forcefully. Tomorrow we’ll try to do 3 liters.

Day 3-6: Absolutely terrible. I’m barely managing to hit 1 litre for a couple of reasons. I keep forgetting about it during the day. The water in the house is not safe to drink which is annoying. Tomorrow:

Wake up: 500 ml
2 hours Later: 500 ml (green tea)
1 hours Later: 500 ml (juice)
1 hours Later: 500 ml (juice)
1 hours Later: 500 ml (juice)

2 hours before Sleep: 500 ml (green tea)
Before Sleep: 500 ml

I’m more likely to get it if I do everything in a row as opposed to trying to catch the 2 hours before I sleep timing because it’s simply a weakness of mine remembering the timing.

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